Thursday, June 13, 2019

The best apps for Android to take selfies

A smartphone might not seem so exciting without a fantastic camera, but sometimes it's difficult to get a perfect photo every time. There is a clamor of updating social media with images of almost every moment. These times require an app that makes you look perfect. So, it's really important to have it on your smartphone. Here is a list of the best Android apps for taking selfies.

the best apps for Android to take selfies
There have been about 10 million installations and the app review is wonderful. The app offers high quality filters, real-time retouching, background blur effects and other fantastic effects. You can create a collage with up to 16 images with one touch and much more.

Line Camera

The best Android app to take selfies.
You have a timer, mirror, flash and level grid that allows you to take a perfect photo. Live makeup options, collages, filters and the ability to add other personal touches help create professional and impressive images.

YouCam PerfectSelfie Cam
The best Android app to take selfies.
This is one of the most interesting Android apps for selfies. You have an option for video selfies and snapshots. The app also allows you to review it before and after the beautifying effects. It automatically detects multi-faces and solves wrinkle problems, the eyes of all faces are just a couple of touches.

The best Android app to take selfies.
You can take video selfies for 3 or 6 seconds with audio. There are many filters that the app offers. Furthermore, the app tends to remember which filters you like and select them for you. The vignetting function obscures the edge and improves the content of an image. The sticker changes every time a filter is changed automatically.

RetroSelfieSelfies Edito
The best Android app to take selfies.
A simple and fun app to use that allows you to draw on images, crop them, add focus, change frames and much more. You can also share your image from within the app.

Sweet selfie
The best Android app to take selfies.
Make quick selfies and add the choice of filters in no time with this app. There are fun emoji and stickers that you can add to your photos. You have wonderful filters, halo fashion and a timer.

The best Android app to take selfies.
Another powerful app for clear images. It's an incredible editor that adds incredible photo effects, frames, stickers and filters. Aviary also offers automatic improvement with just one touch and color balance. Other uses include cropping an image, rotating and straightening.

Bestie Best Beauty Camera
The best Android app to take selfies.
Approved by the main developer Telecamere 360 the app has some incredible features. It offers professional photographic filters for portraits, natural touch-ups that instantly illuminate you and the best contour and remodeling. There is an option for a quick fix that automatically remodels and contours the face. Other features include whitening and smoothing of facial skin and automatic face recognition.

Candy Camera SelfieSelfies
The best Android app to take selfies.
The app is growing in popularity and there have already been millions of downloads. The most highlighted feature of the app is that you can see the results of the filter before you can click on the image. You have an option of about over 100 filters.

The best Android app to take selfies.
The app has been active for a long time and is one of the best apps for Android for selfies. This app has more than 20 beauty and make-up tools that allow you to select a range of colors for: lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow and blush. It also has contour and live beauty makeup with other fun elements like Halloween makeup. You can customize it or choose one of the automatic looks.

Zoom FX Premium Camera
The best Android app to take selfies.
This is an amazing app for selfies. Offers manual DSLR commands with the API2 camera. You can set the distance, focus, shutter speed and ISO before clicking. Remember that the speed of the shooting function is applicable to users who have the version of Lollipop or more. Different shooting modes such as Timer, time-lapse or hdr can be combined for a better effect.

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