Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Netflix vs Amazon Prime video which streaming services is best for you

Netflix vs Amazon Prime video which streaming services is best for you. Choosing the best streaming video and services is the most tricky one because we have some of the best video streaming services ever found on the internet.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime video which streaming services is best for you

There are lots of video streaming services available like Disney Plus, eTV Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime video, etc.It's very hard to choose one of the best video streaming because they are both fantastic in original entertainment.

If take a comparison between them on the different platform both of having the features to watch videos on TV laptop and even on your smartphone.To give a hundred percent solution which is one of the best today we are going to show you some of the comparisons and overview of Netflix vs Amazon Prime video.

Netflix versus Amazon Prime video overview

No doubt both have the legends of streaming services on the internet but Netflix is going on on in the numerous number of subscribers as it already cross 139 million subscribers from all over the world.

On the other hand amazon Prime is not much as popular as Netflix is because from September 2018 it has only 75 million users worldwide which is more less than the Netflix subscribers.

Now after this first review you will be clearly identified how much we love Netflix and also chill.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime video comparison over price and availability

If we start comparison between Netflix and Amazon prime videos and on the comparison of price and availability then both of have there on standard prices for or yearly and weekly.

Netflix is now cheaper plans at the $9 with HD standard plans costly in only $13.

Over the difference between amazon's it is now Amazon Prime membership to enjoy the low cost $10 per month in US.

Well it is also for annual fee for $79 per chair in the UK buy Amazon Prime membership for Amazon music and Prime delivery services.One of the most amazing thing is it is now available in Australia for only $4 per month yeah it is $4 per month in Australia enjoy free Amazon music.

If we start talking about Amazon delivery then it is the most famous Amazon surveys which is available with free shipping with the same day next day and the today delivery by your location dependency.

At that time Amazon win the race in comparison with Netflix video streaming on the basis of price because it is now giving free Kindle ebook every month by the Amazon Kindle lending library.

Now hold on it's not just finished because primemusic is also available in free music streaming of millions of tracks.Another amazing thing is you can subscribe to Prime video on only in $8 per month in US and UK.

Netflix vs Amazon prime videos interface comparison.

Netflix has the one of the most powerful algorithm which will Recombinant you to watch some of the previous videos and also new videos on the basis of your choice.

It has one of the most amazing interphase which is easy to navigate and you can even search by genre.

On the other hand amazon Prime video is not much popular as Netflix because it is also taking inspiration from Netflix on the basis of user interface and is not much attractive and easy to use.

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