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Milestone in Computer History 1886-1917

Year 1886
Dorr E.Felt
He invented Comptometer. Comptometer was first calculator  which was used  to produce result by pressing keys on it instead of dialed in. This mechanism was faster to act while keys return from being pressed.
Year 1889
Dorr E.Felt
He was the first man who invented the first printed desk calculator.
Year 1890
Hemran Hollerith
He was the man who formed tabulating machine company which later become today well known IBM.
Herman used Babbage idea of using punch card to store data of textile industry. This mechanism was used by U.S census in 1890 to store data. By using this method, (62,622,250) People data was entered just within 06 weeks.
Year 1892
William S. Burroughs
He was the man who invented the machine which was similar to Felts Machine but Williams machine was stronger and this was one which actually open horizons for mechanical office calculator industry.
Year 1900
 Leonardo Torres Quevedo
He designed the electo mechanical chess machines which was able to play game. He could not be able to work more on it due to mechanical limitations at that time.
Max Plank
He was a physicist who was very famous for his quantum effect. His theory was milestone for the micro process developments. Quantum computer of the latest age would have been impossible to develop without Max theory.
Year 1901
Herman Hollerith
He designed first ever numerical keyboard and for punching card which was used in famous tabulating machines.
Year 1902
Blickensderfel Electic
It was a famous company designed first electric typewriter which was sold worldwide like hot cakes.
Designed adding machine in which 10 digit keyboard digits 2,4,5,7,9 were kept in the top row and 1,3,0,6,8 were kept in the bottom row.
Year 1903
L.C Smith
L.C Smith and brothers typewriter company was formed which latest become smith corona company.
Year 1904
R.A Fessenden
He was a famous scientist was able to transmit human speech using radio waves.
John Ambrose Fleming
Files patent for registration of first vacuum tube called diode.
Year 1905
Adix Company
Alix Company uses aluminum first time in its pocket calculator.
Year 1906
Lee Do Forest
He was the man who designed an electrode called grid which was used in vacuum tube. This electrode was name as Tiode and as audion tube. This was also used as component in amplifier and soon this was replaced by electro mechanical relays which open new horizons for modern computing.
Henry Babbage
He was the man who was Charles Babbages son worked on his fathers famous Analytical engine with the help of R.W Munros firm.
Year 1911
Computing Tabulating Record Company
Incorporated after consolidation of bundy manufacturing company, tabulating machine company, International time recording company and computing scale company.
International Business machine (IBM) was established.
Year 1912
Bertrand Russel and Alfred North Whitehead
They published their well known mathematical principia which was significant work on mathematics which open new techniques for all mathematics branches.
Year 1914
Thomas Watson Senior
He worked on tabulating machine company after joining IBM. His vision transformed IBM as a big business giant while IBM was running under low financial conditions.
Year 1917
Robot was used as mechanical people for the first time by Czech dramatist Karel Capek in famous play R.U.R (Rossums Universal Robots). In this play it was shown in the start that these are intelligent machines which act like human being but in the end robot took control of the universe and destroy humanity. These machines were called Robota which means forced and slavishly work.

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