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General Knowledge of Important Books and Their Writers

  1. Shahnama-i-Islam was written by Hafeez Jalandri.
  2. Man who ruled India was written by Philip Woodruff.
  3. The book confession was written by Rousseau.
  4. Quaid –e-Azam Jinnah. The story of a Nation is written by G.Allana.
  5. Heroes and Hero-Worship was written by Carlyle.
  6. Foundation of Pakistan was written by Sharif ud din Pirzada.
  7. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam was written by Edward Fitzgeranld.
  8. Gitanjali was written by Rabindranath Tagore.
  9. Asrar-e-khudi is written by Allama Iqbal
  10. Bal-e-Jibril is written by Allama Iqbal
  11. Bang-e-dara is written by Allma Iqbal
  12. Bostan is written by Sheikh Saadi
  13. Darbar-i-Akbari is written by Azad, Muhammad Hussain
  14. Gulistan is written by Sheikh Saadi
  15. Hayat-i-Jawid is written by Hali
  16. Javaid Nama is written by Allama Iqbal
  17. Jawab-e-Shikwah is written by Allama Iqbal
  18. Ktab al Shifa is written by Ibn Sina
  19. Mirat ul Aroos is written by Nazir Ahmed
  20. Muqaddamah is written by Ibn Khaldun
  21. Shaer o Shaeri is written by Altaf Hussain Hali
  22. Mussaddas-i-Hali is written by Altaf Hussain Hali
  23. Naqsh-e-Faryadi is written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz
  24. Payam-e-Mashriq is written by Allama Iqbal
  25. Shahnama is written by Firdausi
  26. Tehzeeb al Ikhlaq is written by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  27. Tafhim ul quran is written by Syed Abdul ala Maudoodi.
  28. Yadgar-i-Galib is written by Hali
  29. Zabur-e-Anjam is written by Dr. Allama Iqbal
  30. Zarb-e-Kaleem is written by Dr. Allama Iqbal
  31. Arabian Nights is written by Sir Richard Buton
  32. An Ideal Husband is written by Oscar Wilde
  33. A woman of No importance is written by Oscar Wild
  34. Animal Farm is written by George Orwell
  35. Anthony Cleopatra is written by W. Shakespeare
  36. As you like it is written by W. Shakespeare
  37. Caesar and Cleopatra is written by G.B Shaw
  38. Comedy of Errors is written by W. Shakespeare
  39. Daughter of the East is written by Benazir Bhuto
  40. Decline and Fall of Roman Empire is written by Edward Gibbon
  41. Doctor’s Dilemma is written by G.B Shaw
  42. East of Aden is written by John Steinbeck
  43. French Revolution is written by Tomas Carlyle
  44. Freedom at Midnight is written by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapiere
  45. Gone with the Wind is written by Margaret Mithchel
  46. Great Expectations is written by Charles Dickens
  47. Gulliver’s Travels is written by Jonathan Swift
  48. Hamlet is written by W.Shakespeare
  49. Ibn Battuta Travels in Asia and Africa is written by Ibn Battuta
  50. Jungle book is written by Rudyard Kipling
  51. Jinnah of Pakistan is written by Stanley Wolpert
  52. Myth of independence is written by Z. A Bhutto
  53. World War is written by W. Churchill
  54. Merchant of Venice is written by Shakerpeare
  55. Muhammad Ali Jinnah is written by M.H Saiyid
  56. Much Ado About Nothing is written by Shakespeare
  57. Nine Days Wonder is written by John Masefield
  58. Nineteen Eighty Four is written by George Orwell
  59. Old man and the Sea is written by Ernest Hamingway
  60. Oliver Twist is written by Charles Dickens
  61. Origin Of species is written by Charles Darwin
  62. Paradise Lost is written by John Milton
  63. Pickwick papers is written by Charles Dickens
  64. Pride and Prejudice is written by Jane Austen
  65. Robinson Crusoe is written by Daniel Defoe
  66. Sense and Sensibility is written by Jane Austin
  67. Sohrab and Rustam Mathew Arnold
  68. Social Contact is written by Rousseau
  69. Treasure Island is written by R.L Stevenson
  70. Tropic of Cancer is written by Henry Miller
  71. Twelfth Night is written by W. Shakespeare
  72. A Tale of Two Cities is written by Charles Dickens
  73. Vanity of Human Wishes is written by Samuel Johnson
  74. Wealth of Nation is written by Adam Simith
  75. Zulfi Bhutto of Pakistan is written by Stanley Wolpert
  76. Faust is written by Goethe
  77. Mein Kampf is written by Hitler
  78. Divine Comedy is written by Dante
  79. Odyssey (Greek) is written by Homer
  80. Utopia is written by Thomas Mooore
  81. War and Peace is written by Leo Tolstoy
  82. Crime and Punishment is written by F.M Dostovsky
  83. Communist Manifesto is written by Karl Marx and Eagles
  84. Das Capital is written by Karl Marx
  85. The idiot is written by Dostoevsky
  86. Don Quixoto is written by Miguel De Cervates
  87. The Prince is written by Machiavelli
  88. Constitutional Development of Pakistan is written by G.W Choudhry
  89. Five Thousand Years of Pakistan is written by Wheeler R.E.M
  90. Foreign Policy of Pakistan is written by Zulifkar Ali Bhutto
  91. Jinnah, Creator of Pakistan is written by Hecor Bolitho
  92. Muslim Separatism in India and Pakistan is written by Abdul Hamid
  93. Pakistan the Formative Phase is written by Lawrence Ziring
  94. Political Syetem in Pakistan is written by Khalid B. Saeed
  95. Politics in Pakistan is written by Khalid B. Saeed
  96. Quaid-i-Azam and Pakistan is written by Ahmad Hasan Dani
  97. Struggle for Pakistan is written by I.H Qureshi
  98. The Emergence of Pakistan is written by Mohammad Ali Choudhry
  99. The Making of Pakistan is written by K.K Aziz
  100. Towards Pakistan is written by Whaeed-uz-Zaman
  101. World Politics Since 1945 is written by P. Calvocrassi
  102. Khusboo is written by Parveen Shakir
  103. Laila Majnoo is written by Amir Khusro
  104. Akbar nama is written by Abu Fazal
  105. Al Qanoon fil Tib is written by Ibne Sina
  106. Green Book is written by Presisdent Moamoor Gadafi
  107. Republic is written by Plato
  108. Revolution and Independence is written by Words Worth
  109. Road to Freedom is written by Bertrand Russel
  110. Romeo and Juliet is written by Shakespeare
  111. Joan of Arc is written by G.W Shaw.
  112. Foust was written by Goethe.
  113. “Profiles in Courage” is written by Henry Kissinger.
  114. Pickwick Papers were written by Charles Dickens.
  115. “East and Eden” was written by John Steinback.
  116. A farewell to Arms is written by Earnest Hemingway.
  117. Travel in Arabian Desert was written by C.M Doughty.
  118. The spirit of Islam was written by Syed Ameer Ali.
  119. The poem Shikwah and Jawab-e-Sikwah was written by Allama Iqbal.
  120. Five Thousand Years of Pakistan was written by REM Wheeler.
  121. Struggle of Pakistan was written by I.H Qureshi.
  122. The poem “Ancient Mariner” is the work of Coleridge.
  123. White Papers are policy statements published by the British parliament on the subject of tremendous public importance.
  124. Blue Books are the official reports of the British Government.
  125. White Books are the official publications of the countries like Portugal, China, and Germany.
  126. Yellow Books are the official records of France.
  127. Grey Books are the official policy as well as reports of the Japanese government.
  128. Green Books are the official reports of the Italian government.
  129. Orange Books are the official publication of the Netherlands.
  130. Lenin wrote ‘the state and revolution’.
  131. Ibn-e-Khaldun retired as a judge.
  132. Al Ghazali is known as Hujatul Islam.
  133. The name of the book which Al-Farabi wrote is ‘Ara Madinatul Fazila’.
  134. Plato wrote ‘the laws’.
  135. Aristotle founded ‘the lyceum’.
  136. Mao wrote ‘On contradictions’.
  137. J.S. Mill wrote ‘On liberty’.
  138. Witness to surrender=Siddique Saliq.
  139. A short history of Pak:=I.H.Qureshi.
  140. Discovery of Pak:= A.Aziz.
  141. Foundation of Pak: = Sharifuddin Pirzada.
  142. Five Thousand Years of Pak::= R.E.M. Wheeler.
  143. History of Freedom Movement=I.H.Qureshi.
  144. Jinnah of Pak: = Stanley Woolpert.
  145. Jinnah as I know him= Abdul Hassan Isphahani.
  146. The Making of Pakistan= Richard Symonds.
  147. The Making of Pakistan=K.K.Aziz.
  148. Jinnah:Creator of Pak:=Hector Bolithio.
  149. Quaid-e-Azam: The Story of A Nation=G.Allana.
  150. India wins Freedom= Abdul Kalam Azad.
  151. Emergence of Pak:=Ch: Rahmat Ali.
  152. Towards Pakistan=Wahiduzaman
  153. Transfer of Power in India=V.P.Memon.
  154. Pak: Nagozeer Tha= Syed Hasan Raza.
  155. Quaid-i-Azam & Pakistan=Ahmed Hassan Dani.
  156. Friends not Masters=Ayub Khan.
  157. The Pakistan Issue= Nazir Yar Jung.
  158. Quid wrote the preface of “My Leader”=Ziauddin Ahmed.
  159. Muslim Nationalism in India= Malik Hafeez.
  160. Pathway to Pak: = Ch: Khaiquzzaman.
  161. The Indian Musalimans= W.W.Hunter.
  162. Our Struggle=Mohd: Noman.
  163. Evolution of Pak: Sharifuddin Pirzada.
  164. Mohd: Ali Jinnah=G.Allana.
  165. Birth of Pak: =Dr. Sachin.
  166. Pak: the Heart of Asia= Liaquat Ali Khan.
  167. Incomplete Partition = Alastair Lamb.
  168. Birth of a tragedy= Dr. Tahir Amir.
  169. My Last day with Quaid=Ilahi Bux
  170. Outline of a scheme of Indian Federation=Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan.
  171. Thought on Pakistan= Ambedkar.
  172. 'Freedom' at Midnight= Larry Collins
  173. Hayat-e-Javed was written by Altaf Hussain Hali.
  174. The Forgotten Years is an autobiography of from Foreign Minister Sir Zafarullah Khan.
  175. Mission with Mountabatten=Alan Campbell Johnson.
  176. Religious Thought of Sayyid Ahmed Khan==Bahir Ahmad Dar.
  177. The Cambridge History of the British Empire=H.H.Dodwell.
  178. Oxford History of India=Vincent Smith.
  179. India, Pakistan & the West=Percival Smith.
  180. The book “party politics in Pakistan’ (1947-58) is written by K.K.AZIZ.
  181. Alice in Wonderland is a book written by Lewis Carrol.
  182. Edwina and Nehru is written by Catherine Clement.
  183. Beloved is a novel authored by Toni Morrison.
  184. Conquest of Happiness was authored by Bertrand Russel.
  185. Crossing the Threshold of Hope was authored by Pope John Paul II.
  186. Gulliver’s Travel is authored by Jonathan Swift in which there is description of the island of Lilliputs.
  187. Higher than Hopes is biography of Nelson Mandela.
  188. India Divided is a book written by Dr. Rajenra Parsad.
  189. Indian War of Independence is a book written by V.D. Savarkar.
  190. Kubla Khan is a poem by Coleridge.
  191. Life Divine is a book written by Sri Aurobindo.
  192. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is the book written by John Gray.
  193. Mother India is a book written by Katherine Mayo.
  194. My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir is written by Jagmohan.
  195. Unto This Last is written by Ruskin.
  196. Who wrote Gone with the Wind: Margaret Mitchell
  197. Who wrote "History of God"? Karen Armstrong
  198. Raghuvasma was written by Kalidas.
  199. Grief and Hope is a book written by Noa Ben Artizi-Plossof, granddaughter of slain Israili PM Yitzak Rabin.
  200. Freedom Behind Bars is a book written by Kiran Bedi.
  201. Hayat-e-Jawaid, written by Altaf Hussain Hali, is on the life of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
  202.  “The Sun also Rises” is written by Earnest Hemingway.Khadija Mastoor wrote Angan.
  203. Imam Ghazali is the author of Ihya-ul-Uloom.
  204. Montesquieu wrote ‘the spirit of laws’.
  205. Who wrote the book - Call of the Wild-Jack London
  206. Who wrote “Voyage through History”? Musarrt Hussain Zuberi
  207. Who is the author of “Preparing for the Twenty First Century”? Paul Kennedy
  208. Who wrote “Supreme Court and Human Rights”? Tamizuddin
  209. The author of famous book, “Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy” is Henry Kissinger.
  210.  ‘Rise and Fall of Great Powers’ is the work of Paul Kennedy.
  211. My Experiments with Truth is autobiography of Mahtma Gandhi.

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